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Conventional Two-Way Mobile Radio Products

These cost-effective products have proven themselves in the market place offering reliability and durability. Compact, yet rugged. Aesthetic, but powerful. Radios to cover a range of a few hundred meters to thousands of kilometres. We have them all, portable handheld, dash-board mount, remote mount.

Repcom offers a total sales package with an effective after sales service. Buy with confidence and assurance. We will serve your communications needs – totally!

In addition to excellent after sales service, we offer an optional extended MAINTENANCE AGREEMENT. For all products supplied by us, thereby ensuring that your Radio Communications system remains at peak operating. This means Efficiency at all times, while enabling you to meet strict budgetary constraints.

Whatever your Two-Way Radio requirements might be, REPCOM will provide the solution. From short distance radio communications of under a Kilometre to a long distance HF/SSB. With Radio network covering the length and breadth of the Country. Even a wide-area Trunked Radio System on the Fleetcall Network. This covers all the major highways and major Cities in South Africa. We will guide you all the way. REPCOM offers a service second to none in our dedicated Customer Care. Contact us today for a cost effective solution to your Communications requirements.


Digital Radios

Digital DMR (Digital Migration Radio) radios are rapidly replacing the older Analog radio systems as they feature many advantages to you, the client, as well as technical advantages in respect of available frequency resources. The most obvious difference to you, the end-user, is the amazing clarity of the voice communications at distances where the old-technology Analog radios voice quality is barely discernible, due to fading signal and rising background noise. Digital Radios can operate in “Dual Mode” – both Analog and Digital – meaning that they are compatible with your older Analog radios currently in use as well, no need to discard your existing radios. However, the advantages with a purely Digital system will only become apparent once all the radios in a specific system are likewise in Digital mode.

Digital radios can offer a GPS Tracking function, useful when monitoring Security Personnel and battery life is greatly enhanced between charges.


Fleetcall Radio Trunking Network

Want to know where your vehicle is for improved efficiency in your Fleet Management? Fleetcall is the leading Trunked Radio Network operator in South Africa. Thus providing a Radio Communications Network that covers from Cape Town to Beit Bridge. Also all major routes and Cities in South Africa. Repcom is an accredited Service Provider of the Fleetcall Network.


Community Repeater Systems

REPCOM specializes in Community repeater systems, enabling a radio user extended coverage in his designated area. No ICASA license needed, this is included in your small monthly service charge. Through a strategically located automatic Radio Repeater, each and every radio on your system has the benefit of extended radio coverage. All without the annoyance of other users on your radio channel. Other benefits include the savings incurred by not requiring a radio mast, which often is unsightly and conducive to lightning and storm damage. An Automatic Radio Repeater Communications system is the sensible alternative to costly Cell Phone calls. REPCOM offers Radio Repeater coverage in Klerksdorp, Potchefstroom, Stilfontein & Zeerust.


GSM “Push to Talk” Radios

The Kirisun iTALK range of products are latest generation radios capable of operation over the GSM Cellular Network, and also a localised Wi-Fi connection. These radios provide a cost-effective means of wide-area communication, via the local GSM services. The radios feature GPS tracking which can be displayed on a Computer screen using Google Earth or your Smart Phone using the App, useful for determining the whereabouts of personnel. Voice recordings can be recorded on the Server and played back on either the Smart phone App or Computer program. These recordings are time-stamped. Calls made from your Smart Phone to any of the iTALK radios is also possible. All models incorporate a “Panic Button” for emergencies.

The range comprises two handheld models and one fixed mobile radio for vehicles.


Benton Chargers

Benton has a comprehensive range of Microprocessor-controlled fully automatic multi-step battery chargers, used for charging a variety of Lead Acid batteries as used in Motorbikes, Motor Boats and other 12-volt or 24-volt vehicles. These batteries include WET (Flooded Electrolyte), GEL (Gelatin Electrolyte), AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) batteries while Lithium batteries are catered for by the newly-released BX-1M and BX-2M chargers. The Chargers first diagnose and then charge the connected battery. They will attempt to recover slightly sulphated batteries and provide a final trickle charge to ensure long battery life.